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5 tips to manage the end of course trip and motivate students.

Choosing a destination, adjusting budgets and involving students in the organization process are some of the keys that will guarantee the success of the end-of-course trip.


These are the requirements that a school transport driver must meet to ensure the safety of passengers

In HiPlans, all activities are covered and protected by a group of experienced professionals, with whom we have worked since our beginnings and in whom we trust.


Tips for working and managing multiple intelligences in class

Taking multiple intelligences into account encourages and motivates students to develop the disciplines in which they are most talented.


Gamification: a fun learning model that works very well in the classroom

Gamification is a learning technique that uses the dynamics of the games to move it to the more educational-professional field


What is service learning and how can you carry out it in your class?

Service learning is the perfect conjunction between two closely related disciplines: on the one hand, experience-based learning and, on the other hand, community service.


Safety, savings and travel comfort: discover the advantages of having a provider for out-of-school outings

In HiPlans! we offer our extracurricular activities in all schools and educational centers at competitive prices, with the intention of bringing classroom entertainment and extracurricular outings to the greatest number of centers and families possible.


Geolocate bus trips with our app: You can track the activities contracted by your school with HiPlans

Fortunately, there are more and more legal requirements and measures that are incorporated into the regulations of the DGT to make school transport safer and more efficient


Know what are the activities according to each educational stage?

School excursions aim to provide values and knowledge that complement the learning received in the classrooms.


Reasons to efficiently organize a school excursion

School outings are important for children’s cognitive development and also help them to relate the contents that are given within the classroom, generate more knowledge, and above all have fun, research and curious while learning.


Benefits of extraescolar activities

Extracurricular activities have a beneficial impact on children’s health and personality development and skills. In addition, out-of-school outings help you complete everything you learn within the classroom and interact with both the environment and your peers.